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A little bit about me…

At one point or another like all little girls I’ve always been in love with jewelry. I think it was all of those pretty little bead colors that got me hooked. I remember all throughout high school, my left arm was adorned with at least two dozen bracelets ranging from friendship bracelets or gimp bracelets that my friends and I made and then traded, to those once famous “goomie” or “jelly” bracelets (you remember those right?).

It wasn’t until I got a job at an actual bead store and learned the basics of stringing, beading and wire work did I think “WOW I REALLY LOVE THIS!” Honestly… I think I left more of my pay check there than I took home (lol). The encouragement, knowledge and guidance I got from my boss at that time (now that I look back) was really what propelled me and gave me that passion for making jewelry that I still have today.

Fast forward a few years.. Different job, two kids, a house and a husband… While I was still making jewelry for fun, I was feeling very limited and a little bit (yikes!) bored. I really, really wanted to learn some new jewelry techniques. Buying a torch and soldering was a big step for me. I was so nervous the first time I used it, telling you my hand was shaking like a leaf is a huge understatement (more like side to side!). I’ve since gotten used to it and have added many more fabulous tools to my bench. Somewhere in the mix my wonderful husband helped me set up my online shop and I haven’t looked back.

I am self taught and love learning new techniques, over the years I feel I’ve come a long way from when I first started out and feel very lucky that I have a very supportive family who constantly encourages me. Fortunately, there is still so much out there to be learned that I don’t think one lifetime is enough!

Right now, I’m happy to be working in my studio making jewelry and hopefully bringing smiles to my customers.

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